Why do Jeep owners wave at each other?

Question: Why do Jeep owners wave at each other?

Ever noticed how Jeep and Harley Davidson drivers will wave when they pass each other?

They probably don’t even know one another, yet they wave because of the brand they both drive.

Watch this two minute video that digs deeper into the psychology behind vehicular hand salutes.

Is it possible that many of the things we buy are small little waves to the people around us?

Little indicators of who we are and how we see the world?

I don’t own a Jeep or Harley, yet my vehicle of choice is still a reflection of my values.

I buy my vehicles used, typically 3 years old. This is when the majority of depreciation has occurred (some stats putting the average at 46% depreciation). I save my money and pay in full because I don’t want to spend extra money on a car loan.

I don’t do this because I’m a calculator. I do this because I highly value being pragmatic, practical, and sensible.

I wouldn’t buy a Harley because it’s loud, can’t be used most of the year where I live, and is dangerous. In other words, it doesn’t match up with my values.

The person who buys the loud hog isn’t wrong; they just have a different set of values and way of viewing the world.

A three year old Nissan Altima with 45,000 miles reaffirms my values quite nicely. Naturally, the color is white, the most common color choice for cars, as neon green isn’t a sensible choice.

The key for your business is to figure out first what your brand identity is; this will allow you to then match up with the right type of customers who see the world through a similar lens.

Once you begin to establish that brand identity, they can buy your product and add another little wave in their identity arsenal.