How to write an about us page for your website

How to write an about us page

We recently watched an amazing video that answers the common question of how to write an about us page for your website.

The video came from a legendary advertising expert, Roy H. Williams.

He talks about a simple tweak to your “About Us” page that will allow visitors to feel more of a bond with your brand.

I put his insights into practice, by creating two (nearly) identical profiles, but with slight copy tweaks.

Your website and a dating profile are pretty similar. They both live online and are intended to drive leads.

Watch this video below to see what happened when I changed my “About Me” copy.

At the end of this experiment both dating profiles were active from 11/5/15 – 11/11/15.

Here are the final metrics:

  • Profile 1 – Ad Speak description – 2 emails / 406 views = 0.49% V2L Ratio
  • Profile 2 – I Believe description – 6 emails / 337 views = 1.78% V2L Ratio

363% Increase of Visitor to Lead Conversion in the “Beliefs” profile