Avocado Relationship Theory

This post is for anyone interested in building an iconic brand within their community.

The video below will breakdown the foundational layers of building brand relationships. But first… let’s explore the avocado itself.

Avocado Facts

Fact #1: An avocado tree can grow up to 66 feet in height. Which is over 6 stories tall.*

Fact #2: The pit of an avocado (the seed) is very large because the ground floor beneath the large trees get very little sunlight. The seed is large so it can provide nutrients for a longer period of time.*

Fact #3: It’s a mystery to scientists how the avocado plant is not extinct. Survival and growth is dependent on seed dispersal and over 13,000 years ago that relied solely on large ground mammals such as the mammoth and giant ground sloths. Those animals were capable of eating an avocado whole and then traveling and “leaving” the seed somewhere else. When those great mammals disappeared 13,000 years ago the avocado should have died off as well.**

What does all of this have to do with building a brand your community can fall in love with?

Absolutely nothing. It’s just interesting.

However, this video below will cover the foundational layers of building relationships with your brand.

Have a watch and let’s recap below.

When you look at your business remember the three layers of an avocado.

  1. Seed: Your core values that are the reason why you’re in business.
  2. Flesh: Your beliefs manifest from and express your core values
  3. Skin: Your worldview is the observable skin that is the culmination of your values and beliefs as an organization.

Infuse your values, beliefs, and worldview into your business and you’ll begin to attract the right type of customers. The kind of people that just “get you” and feel like a perfect fit for your business.

You can do this through your advertising, your sales process, customer experience, and any time you have a touching point with the people in your community. Every interaction is an opportunity to build those relationships with your brand.

Just remember that it all starts with your core values.


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