Your brain watching the Extra Gum commercial

First, watch this commercial below by Extra Gum.

Now watch this breakdown of what’s going on in your brain during this commercial.

The video covers just a sampling of what’s going on in your brain.

The echoic message is performed 100% via song. I’ve found myself humming this tune numerous times after watching the ad. If this happens to you, you’re engaging in something called self-induced frequency.

This is when you hear or see an ad and then think about it after the ad is finished playing. This happens even if you’re just humming the song.

The iconic messages are great for firing your mirror neurons but the echoic messages are stickier.

In fact studies suggest an echoic message will last five times longer than an iconic message in your brain.*

Billboards and print are great recall mediums while echoic messages are great implant mediums.

The last point of the video is often over looked. We tend to think we’re more rational than we really are. In fact, we make the majority of our decisions in an area of the brain that is tied to emotions and not logic. Appeal to the emotional brain and you’ll attach deeper associations to your brand.

If you still think you should appeal to logic, take a look in your bathroom vanity. If you have mouthwash, is it clear or dyed? Clear mouthwash makes logical sense, dyed mouthwash just feels right. The companies who make mouthwash and add dye to it know we buy on feeling and not logic.

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