The Kool-Aid Travesty

This is part four of a five part series on marketing your business.

  1. Field of Dreams Fallacy
  2. Avocado Relationship Theory
  3. Your brain watching the Extra Gum commercial
  4. The Kool-Aid Travesty
  5. Hammer your message home (coming)

This video covers a common error when creating a message to market your business.

Watch the video and let’s discuss below.

I’ll admit… that got a little weird but I didn’t want to water down a message about not watering down your message.

There is bound to be an Al Pacino that will tell you your message is too strong or off-base and you should dial it back.

This person most likely cares about you and the success of your business. They don’t want to see you make a wrong move.

There isn’t a more famous example than the 1984 Apple commercial that was voted the “Greatest Ad of all time” by TV Guide.

According to Wikipedia the board at Apple absolutely hated this ad. They pushed for it to not air during Super Bowl XVIII and fought Steve Jobs over this.

Even the CEO John Sculley who was on board buckled and tried to sell off their spots.

As we know Steve Jobs typically got what he wanted and in this case he ignored the board and pushed through. If he listened to every Pacino and fell victim to the Kool-Aid Travesty then Apple wouldn’t be the brand it is today.

Here are two other tremendous ads that could easily be picked apart by someone who cares about the well-being of the brand.


Pacino Advice:

  • We don’t actually say it is our battery powering the hearing aid
  • We don’t let people know how long our battery lasts
  • The Seahawks aren’t my favorite team


Pacino Advice:

  • Don’t we only use professional athletes in our spots?
  • There is only one camera shot and I like lots of cuts
  • You can’t even tell he’s wearing Nike!

It is possible to have too strong of a message but how do you know if you’re message is too much or just right?

One way is to figure out what the core values are of your business and use that as your guide for your message. We discussed core values in our previous post Avocado Relationship Theory.

Is the message strong enough to gain and hold attention? Does it speak to your core values as a business? These are the type of questions worth asking.

Let’s bring it back to Steve Jobs as he explains how values are the backbone of the Apple brand. Watch this video and dive into the mind of a marketing genius.

Steve Jobs had the insight to know that a values focused message was the answer in a noisy marketplace.

He also had the guts to deliver his message without watering it down despite many pressures.

Many will say you’re crazy, but the crazy ones change the world right?

Deliver your values and don’t water down your message.