How to Track Customer Experience Improvement Program

Last week, we wrote about the Customer Experience Equation.

The equation is designed to frame your mindset and approach to customer experience.

However, it does not provide a reliable measurement to actually gauge customer experience over time.

If I were to ask you how tall a basketball hoop is, you could tell me your thoughts and then we could grab a tape measure.

If I were to ask you what level of customer experience you provide, you could tell me your thoughts and then we… might move on to another subject.

That is why it is imperative that you track customer experience and also track your customer experience improvement program.

One of the most popular methods for measuring customer experience is something called NPS, which stands for Net Promoter Score.

Even if you’re not familiar with NPS, you’ve probably been asked this question before.

A telecom company in Australia did a great job explaining how this question works to provide an NPS score for your business.

The goal is to push every customer into a higher bracket. How do we get “Detractors” to become “Passives” and push “Passives” into “Promoters?”

The easiest way I’ve found to administer this survey is by using Survey Monkey. Here’s a brief video I created of what this looks like.

If you’re serious about improving customer service, then you need to start by tracking it reliably.

Otherwise, you’re basing your results off of a general feeling instead of understanding your actual results based on data.

Think about your process and where the natural points are to administer this quick survey.

You will also want to come up with ways to track your customer experience improvement program, turning “Detractors” into “Passives” and “Passives” into “Promoters.”

Will you analyze the data weekly or monthly?

What changes will you make to improve the experience?

Who will be a part of these conversations?

If you want to build a powerful brand, you need to deliver a great customer experience.

Start by collecting the data and then coming up with a plan to analyze, interpret, and act on that data.

Let’s not leave your customer’s experience up to your feeling.


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