Customer Experience Timeline

How to create a customer experience timeline

Each and every customer you have goes on a journey with your brand. When you map this out it can look like a customer experience timeline or what Bryan and Jeffery Eisenberg call a “Buyer Legend.”

The last two weeks we’ve covered the Customer Experience Equation and also how to track their experience.

Today we’re going to cover your customer’s journey with your brand and how to align your marketing message.

Watch this video and let’s discuss below.

Creating alignment with your brand message will keep your customer on a positive journey with your brand. One of the advantages for a smaller company is having the flexibility to adjust the experience for the customer.

Filling out a Buyer Legend to map out this journey will allow you to find the gaps in your current process.

The term “pre-mortem” has been used for years to identify the way your project may fail.

In terms of your customer experience timeline, the pre-mortem list is all the ways your customer will experience a negative feeling or emotion in relation to your brand.

This can happen before they ever come in contact with you, during the sales process, or even after the sale is done.

These “touching points” all add up to a positive or negative experience. If you can move them towards a positive direction you create a positive experience for your customer.

Freakonomics radio did a great podcast on this topic called “Failure is your friend” feel free to check that out by clicking here.

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