Increasing referrals for your business

Sometimes you can find inspiration in┬ánature for what you’re trying to accomplish in business. In this instance we’re focused on increasing referrals for your business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a marching line of people coming to your door to do business with you?

Turns out the “Scout Ant” can be that inspiration.

In what ways can you equip your customers with a KitKat moment.

How can you provide an ice-breaker for them to talk about your brand?

The easiest ways to find inspiration are to look at what other businesses are currently doing.

Not your competitors, but the businesses you work with on a personal level. Watch what they do and keep a list on your phone. As soon as you see something that catches your attention, write down a note on your phone.

If you make a habit of doing this you will have some great ideas on ways to inspire your own customers to talk about your brand.

Be sure to check out our previous post on how to create a customer experience timeline. This will provide you the resource to map out your customer’s journey with your brand.