Video Marketing Ideas

In today’s guest post we asked Neil Carroll to provide us with some video marketing ideas you can use for your business.

The marketing landscape is a lot different than it was nearly eight years ago when I started Nickel City Graphics LLC.

Strategies are different, communication channels are different, content is different, but if there is one thing that marketers and businesses can agree on is that – at this moment in time – video is king.

There is is no other medium that can pack such an info-dense punch. It can be targeted, reused, and has the ability to level the playing field between the ‘big guys’ and the ‘little guys.’

It is a game changer to businesses that employ it correctly. And that is why we recently launched aMarketingShift.

aMarketingShift is an email and YouTube series and online community that explores two areas associated with web video marketing:  ‘Why Video is Awesome’ and ways to ‘Improve Your Campaign’.

Of the Sea asked me to provide some video marketing ideas.

Off the top of my head, here are two ideas you can easily implement for your business:

Video Marketing Ideas – Introducing Yourself

Video can be a great way to get yourself out in front of prospective clients and ‘meet’ them without a time commitment, scheduling conflicts, or restrictions based on geography.

Video Marketing Ideas – Answer Common Questions

The concept of building your ‘expert status’ is a common tactic in today’s marketing world.

What better way to prove to potential clients that you know what you are talking about than to answer the questions that are commonly asked of you.

There are a mountain of reasons that video is awesome for your business and we will continue to push out videos like these on a regular basis in an effort to explore them all.

Be on the lookout this Friday. We will be releasing video about the benefits of video’s reusable nature.