How To Get Google Reviews | Ultimate Guide Post

This post is here to help guide you on how to get Google reviews for your business.

Reviews attract more clicks.

More clicks creates more traffic.

More traffic equals more leads for your business.

You have a great opportunity to stand out from your competition.

That’s because Google Plus (a failed social network) was integrated into the review system and it was hardly used.

Ideally, every business should have an automated review strategy setup for their business.

But let’s learn to walk before we run.

Right now, we will focus on getting 5 good reviews in for your business to improve reviews and guarantee a star rating.

How to get Google reviews : Step 1 filter down your contacts

The first goal is to get at least 5 reviews because this will award you a star rating. This star rating will help your business stand out in the organic listings even if you’re not in the first spot.

Here’s a perfect example after searching “commercial roofing contractors Dallas TX.”

How to get google reviews roofing contractor

Your eye is naturally attracted to the second listing.

If you don’t have 5 reviews yet, you need to identify potential candidates.

Here’s the easiest way to do this.

Login to whatever you use for managing your current and past customer contacts.

Here at Of the Sea we use Google Apps.

When you find your contacts do a search for “” as this will help filter down to contacts who have a Google email address.

Reviewers have to have a Google account to leave a Google review. We’re not going to waste time asking someone with a hotmail email to leave a review.

Check out the image below for a quick snapshot. Identify your top 10-15 customers (with gmail accounts) that you feel confident asking for a review from.

Write these contacts down or copy/paste them into a separate doc.

We just need five people to leave a review to get momentum rolling for your business.

How to quickly improve google reviews

How to get Google reviews : Step 2 find your direct review link

You’re going to need find your Google+ page for this step.

Sadly, this alone can be frustrating. But, remember this is where you separate yourself when your competition quits because it’s frustrating.

Hopefully you know what email has manager access to your Google Business Page.

Now visit and login with that account (if you’re not already logged in).

Next click on the dropdown “Home” menu in the upper left and select “Pages.”

Find your page and click “MANAGE LOCATION.”

On the next screen we are going to pull out the unique identifier for your page.

Unique google review url

Highlight and copy that same part of the url, but whatever is showing up for your specific page url.

This is either going to be a series of numbers as you see in the image above, or you might have a custom url if you set that up.

Now take this url:

And replace the red numbers with your url.

You’ve now created a direct url link that will take out all the confusing steps for your customer.

How to get Google reviews : Step 3 deliver your link

Two caveats with your unique link.

  1. It’s much easier if they’re already logged into Google when they click on that link
  2. It works on desktop but not on mobile

Here’s what I’d suggest knowing those two hurdles.

First tip: Spell it out for them. Tell them you’d love their feedback and to click the link from a desktop or laptop to leave a review for your company. Make it personal and let them know you appreciate their time.

Second tip: Send the email in the afternoon, right after the lunch hour. Most people do an email purge on their phones in the early morning and we want to avoid getting lost in that. Any weekday afternoon (especially Thursday or Friday) will give you your best shot at their undivided attention on a desktop.

Lastly, to start out, these emails are being sent to those customers you hand selected. The people most likely to leave you a review.

Don’t ask for a positive review, just their feedback. You cannot solicit positive reviews but you can ask your best customers for reviews.

Once you get 5 reviews you will get a star rating next to your company name.

This may take a few days to populate in Google (it took 3 days for our star rating to begin showing).

Be sure to reply to reviews and express your honest gratitude as Google prefers active users.