How to Set Up an iPad Teleprompter Rig

How to Set Up an iPad Teleprompter Rig

You’ve thought about it, but just the thought alone can be scary.

Creating videos can be beneficial but it’s scary to be on camera.

That’s where an iPad teleprompter setup can provide training wheels to get you rolling.

Just watch this video below to see how I setup the studio and what products we use.

Next I’ll cover the Pros/Cons to a teleprompter and at the end I will provide a list of items used in this studio.


  • Reduce shoot and editing time
  • You don’t see the actual camera (helps put people at ease)
  • You don’t have to think, you just read


  • It requires practice and familiarity to read with emotion
  • The teleprompter blocks any audio attached directly on the camera
  • Requires more setup time and moving parts

It really depends on your personality and comfort on camera.

If you feel confident in the subject matter and don’t get jammed up on camera, then “shooting from the hip” is the way to go.

For everyone else a teleprompter makes sense.

Most of the items mentioned above are self-explanatory but I will mention how to setup your audio.

You should be using an external mic of some sort.

The mic on your camera is (typically) not a good option.

In our studio we’re using the Rode Video Mic. A setup like this on Amazon will allow you to plug into the camera and run the 25′ cord to a boom pole on a tripod.

How to Set Up an iPad Teleprompter Rig

The boom stand will make it so you can get the mic as close as possible to your mouth without the mic being seen on screen.

Items used in the video

If you already have a camera, lens, and iPad your expenses are going to be pretty low to get started.

You can even use an iPhone or smartphone but the screen you read from will be much smaller.

Lastly, give it practice reading from the teleprompter.

In the video above I could have used more emotion and the gain on the audio is slightly high.

One tough thing about the teleprompter is I can’t simply flip the viewing screen around on the camera and make sure I’m setup in the scene properly.

That’s why creating a studio space and keeping it intact can help you get your settings and placements on camera perfected.

Putting tape on the ground to mark tripod legs and your standing position can also be helpful.

Hopefully you found this video on how to set up an iPad teleprompter rig helpful.

Any questions, please leave them in the comment field below.