How To Make Irresistible Advertising

Boring advertising will do very little for your brand.

That’s because Broca’s area will kick predictable advertising to the curb.

If you can create something that is hard to predict it will be more interesting.

This isn’t just for advertising, it’s for everything.

Watch this video as this pendulum evolves from a single rod pendulum to a double rod pendulum.

Isn’t the double rod pendulum much more interesting?

It’s known as a chaotic system and your brain can’t figure out the pattern.

The same way mountain ranges, clouds, and flickering flames are interesting.

These are all chaotic systems that grab and hold attention.

Add divergent elements into your advertising and you create something far less predictable.

Predictability is buddies with boredom.

Do yourself a favor and cut ties with both in your advertising.

Old Spice is famous for creating ads that are wildly unpredictable.

Those ads did very well for the brand.

If you can create advertising that is divergent you can capture attention.

Then win them over with your messaging.

The nay-sayers will have plenty of reason why your ads are awful.

They’re just letting you know they actually noticed your commercials.