Beers colder than your ex’s heart

I couldn’t ignore it as I sat in traffic. It was only a tiny yellow sandwich board carefully placed at the cusp of the awning teasing the entrance. I drive by this place every day on my way home from the office. Every day I glance at the messaging on the digital sign pasted to the wall facing the road. That digital ditty has never had a message as alluring as this little yellow sign did that day.

It read: “We have beers colder than your ex’s heart.”

Those must be some seriously cold beers. And who is this ex? They sound like a real heart breaker.

What kind of business would display a crudely imagined message such as this?

A strip club, of course.

The worlds worst photo of the worlds best sandwich sign

The world’s worst photo of the world’s best strip club sign.

I don’t know who came up with that sign, but they need a promotion, wherever they are. They haven’t presented anything since that’s worthy of further scrutiny but I’m holding out hope.

Why is this a great sign?

1) It’s just a little sign at their door. You’re not expecting such a powerful message from what usually has a happy hour special on it.

2) That unpredictability opens the door for you to be delighted. Which they deliver on by giving a message that makes you chuckle.

3) It’s on brand. This is a strip club. You’re not going there to strengthen your marriage or celebrate fidelity milestones. (Though many prepare for their wedding day with a visit to the “gentlemen’s club”, a phenomena I’ve never quite understood.) If you have an ex and you’re into strippers, this place just went from your backseat to riding shotgun.

4) It’s sticky. It goes with you when traffic clears. You’re likely to talk about it. Some might even blog about it.

So while I’m not one to patronize a fine establishment such as this, I’m able to appreciate good advertising, wherever it may reveal itself.

So, how might you take something that’s usually ignored and make it dance?

P.S. The digital sign did have one phrase that made me think for a bit, “We have girls.” Really? A “gentlemen’s club” with girls? You don’t say…

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