A priest, an imam, and a cup of tea

So, a priest and an imam get together for a cup of tea.

Wait, you’ve already heard this one?

Well, then you know it’s the plot for the latest TV ad for Amazon Prime.

Here, take 1 minute and 21 seconds to watch it…

It turns out they’re not so different after all. Perhaps we aren’t so different after all, either? And perhaps we can show our solidarity by shipping thoughtful gifts that allow us to express our deepest beliefs within one day with a touch of your finger.

Someone may have whispered to you that we live in a time of division, where people pick sides and dig in deep. (Check out this book if you’d like to educate yourself on the spirit of our age and how our culture shifts between two major mindsets…) But so many of us want to believe that there’s a better way. This is what Amazon is trading on in this ad and they do it quite effectively. The praise this ad is receiving on social media is stunning. I saw one person suggest this is the best Christmas ad ever. Wow.

Here’s an interview with the imam featured in the ad…

Last week we talked about ads that are driven by values.┬áThis ad for Amazon Prime is another example of selling you based on your values.The traditional┬ácultural script is that a priest and an imam probably wouldn’t be friends, right? This ad challenges that which is one big reason why your attention is held. There are folks who probably find this ad offensive because it suggests we put our differences aside and find common ground. Some folks aren’t ready to do that. Their worldview is challenged which often leads to feeling threatened.┬áThen there’s the folks who think this is a poorly-cloaked jab at President-Elect Donald Trump. We aren’t going there…

This ad is a winner for several reasons. First, it tells a story that hooks you from the beginning and appeals to a higher truth we all long for, peace. Secondly, you feel good at the end. Finally, according to Roy H. Williams, a great ad entertains and provides hope. This ad nails both. The entertainment is obvious. The hope motivates you to take an action to improve your future today. By authoring this message, Amazon becomes a symbol of and advocate for this widely-held hope. Yes, they feature the product (ordering something and receiving it quickly via Amazon Prime). But this ad isn’t about the product. It’s about how the product can align with your soul. Pretty brilliant. So, I say kudos to the team who developed this ad.

How effectively do your ads touch the soul of your customers?