Swear Like a Mother

We have to give credit where it is certainly due. This time it’s a web video produced by Kraft Macaroni & Cheese to celebrate Mother’s Day, Swear Like a Mother. Check it out…

This is a great use of humor to create bonds with shoppers. It’s down to earth and easy to identify with. Even if you’re not a mom. Our favorite part of this piece? Did you catch what she says about the product toward the end when she’s serving it to her children? She makes a deprecating remark about Kraft Macaroni & Cheese being an alternative to doing your best cooking. Good job Kraft! Other brands might be reluctant to be honest like this. We all know their product isn’t the gold standard for health and wellness or putting your heart into the meal. And they know it, too. Major credibility points for telling it like it is. (Admitting the downside gives credibility to the upside, right?)

Hope all the moms had a great day with as little swearing under (or over) your breath as possible.