Five Favorite Resources for Marketers

There will never be a shortage of marketing resources out there. From webinars, to blogs, to newsletters, we have a constant stream of advice, examples, and emails coming our way. So we rounded up our five favorite marketing resources that we use everyday in our office.

  1. Hubspot Marketing Blog

    Hubspot’s Marketing Blog covers a multitude of topics. From SEO to blogging, social media and lead generation, email marketing, lead nurturing & management, and analytics. We are huge fans of the free Marketing resources they offer too. Marketing Workbooks, social media calendars, and ebooks on related topics. A definite staple in our office.

  2. The Moz Blog:

    The Moz Blog provides tips, tricks, and advice for improving websites, and doing better at search, social, content, and brand marketing. What’s our favorite thing about Moz? Their keyword search explorer. Discover and prioritize the best keywords to target for your audience.

  3. Canva

    Canva allows you to design presentations, posters, social media graphics, and more. They offer tons of great images, photo filters, free icons and shapes, and hundreds of fonts. We use Canva most frequently for our Social Media. They also have a pretty great blog with lots of inspiration.

  4. Monday Morning Memo

    Waiting in our inboxes every Monday morning is Roy H. Williams Monday Morning Memo. He built a successful empire by spreading his wisdom in little bite-sized pieces over the years.  His Monday Morning Memo has been required-reading for small and medium sized owner operated businesses for two decades. The original Monday Morning Memo was actually faxed to subscribers long before email and RSS feeds. It’s a must-read for business owners, managers, marketers, and creatives of all types. And it’s free. What could be better?

  5. Seth Godin’s Blog

    Seth Godin is one of the wittiest men in marketing. His blog features short, highly digestible posts and he often dives into marketing life lessons that would benefit marketers at any age or skill level. Visit his site to find free content such as longer-form articles he’s written, ebooks, and more.

Have you found any invaluable marketing resources that we didn’t mention? Share in the comments.