Seas the Day: What to do this month

Each month, one of our team members shares a list that comes directly from their own calendar and experiences. We might share a recipe we’ve come across, a band to “Listen” to, or an article or book to “Read.” Each list reflects our own tastes, but we’ll do our best to represent a variety of options and events each month so you can ideally find something that might suit your own interests.

This month features Kaylyn. Learn more about what she’s up to this month.


This event takes place in the interior of the Botanical Gardens. The gardens are illuminated and the environment includes bounding paper cranes, hot air ballons, kites of all sizes, and more. There is even a special Happy Hour event. To learn more and purchase tickets, visit


For the past few months the word “collagen” has been the buzzword with everyone from my best friend to my favorite beauty blogger. What is it? Collagen is the most abundant building block in our bodies and actually makes up 30% of the proteins in our bodies. It is in charge of the elasticity and rejuvenation of all the connective tissues. Which includes your bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, blood vessels, the digestive system, and your skin. The benefits of taking collagen are numerous, including strengthening your skin, hair, and nails. It is also said to help heal leaky gut, repair joints, and boost your metabolism. I recently hopped on the collagen train and started putting a scoop in my coffee every morning. Maybe I’ll look like Beyonce soon? Who knows.


Recently, I was told that for the first time ever there are four different generations in the workplace. This is thanks to the recent addition of Generation Z (born 1995-2012). We even have one in our office – (shoutout to Bailey!) I read this article that predicts the changes this brings to the workplace. To find out how the technologically savvy, ultra-connected generation will change our workplace, click here.


I’m super late to the game (pun intended), but I am about to start season 7 of Game of Thrones. The HBO phenomena is a series of twist, turns, and epic battles (often leaving me with my hands over my eyes), but I can’t stop watching. The final season returns this April, so there’s still time for you to catch up! It’s the perfect show to binge with out frigid temperatures.



I’m not much of a country fan, but after Kacey Musgraves won Album of the Year at the Grammy’s, I was intrigued. Many of my friends have previously recommended her to me but I always used the excuse “I hate country music”. I hate to be a bandwagon fan, but she’s good. After doing some research and listening to her album Golden Hour, I am hooked. Plus her reaction to the award is truly GIF-worthy.