My Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration

Creatives need other creatives to keep the juices flowing, right? With more than 500 million active daily users, Instagram is no longer just a space to slap the Nashville filter on a photo of you and your besties. Celebrities, creators, brands and more use the app as a means to engage with their customers, build their brands and showcase their products. So here’s a few of my favorite accounts to follow for inspiration (and just for fun, too). You can thank me later.

Madewell, the denim domineers

It’s no secret around the office that I love all things fashion. Madewell is a brand that’s down to earth, fair trade friendly, and has me drooling over their jeans, tees, and every day style inspo. Their feed is light, clean, and streamlined. The content is centered around jeans, but they continue to add to their product offerings and show their followers how to build a lifestyle around denim.

Taylor Swift, the music maven

It’s also no secret I love Taylor Swift. The best thing about Taylor’s feed, is that it evolves with her. Back in 2017, before her Reputation era, she completely wiped her Instagram driving her fans (and myself, let’s be honest) into a straight frenzy. In the past week, she began dropping hints of a new era. Transitioning her darker, moodier Reputation days into a brighter, sparkly, and colorful new era. She uses her feed as a means to tease her fans and keep them coming back for more. In other words, she’s a genius.

Letterfolk, the letter lovers

Letterfolk is a small business started by a husband and wife duo who create and sell handcrafted felt letterboards. Each board comes with a full set of letters and characters so you can personalize the walls of your home and exercise your right to be creative. Their feed is full of real customers’ boards, personalizing their page and making it feel a little more real. The content is funny and relatable, perfect for some inspiration.

Glossier, the skin savior

Glossier, best known for it’s “skin first, makeup second” mission is a skincare brand offering a variety of products. Anything from face wash, to blush, to their infamous boy brow. Their feed is bright, vibrant with pops of pink showcasing their brand colors. They highlight the importance of skin care, and ode to their mission and every now and then include a meme or two.

Canva, the creative creator

Canva is an easy to use graphic design tool for any and everyone. Their feed showcases user-generated content (much like Adobe) and highlights the features and templates through pristine, captivating images. Their feed does a great job of informing it’s users and bringing forth artists in their field.

Who do you think I left out? Comment with your most inspirational Instagram accounts to follow below!