Seas the Day: What To Do This Month

Each month, one of our team members shares a list that comes directly from their own calendar and experiences. We might share a recipe we’ve come across, a band to “Listen” to, or an article or book to “Read.” Each list reflects our own tastes, but we’ll do our best to represent a variety of options and events each month so you can ideally find something that might suit your own interests.

This month features Kaylyn. Learn more about what she’s up to this month.


Have you been to a dueling pianos event yet in the area? If you haven’t, you should. This Saturday, New York Beer Project is hosting an outdoor FREE dueling pianos event. It starts at 8:00 pm on their outdoor patio. Learn more here. I’ll see you there!


Have you heard about the new Thin Man/Tappo Pizza collab in “Chandlerville”? The new location in the Black Rock district features your favorite beers from Thin Man with a kitchen operated by Tappo featuring wood-fired pizzas. What Buffalonian doesn’t love pizza and beer? Learn more here.


I have a confession. I was (still am) a huge Jonas Brothers fan. When I was sixteen, I had more than a few posters on my wall. You could call it an obsession. Here we are more than 10 years later and they’re back. My sixteen year old self would probably be crying at the thought. With a new album and a book releasing later this year, they also released a documentary, Chasing Happiness exclusively on Amazon Prime. The documentary follows them over the past year leading up to their comeback. It covers their start, how their fame blew up, and the break up. Anyone want to watch with me?


So I am a little ahead of myself, but TS7 is out August 23, 2019. Taylor announced her next album via Instagram Live (so modern of her) last Thursday. The new album will feature 18 tracks, which is more songs than she’s ever had on an album before. So far two singles, “Me!” and “You Need to Calm Down” have been released with music videos. If you don’t think I am counting down the days, you’re wrong. (65 from today to be exact).