Seas the Day: What To Do This Month

Each month, one of our team members shares a list that comes directly from their own calendar and experiences. We might share a recipe we’ve come across, a band to “Listen” to, or an article or book to “Read.” Each list reflects our own tastes, but we’ll do our best to represent a variety of options and events each month so you can ideally find something that might suit your own interests.

This month features Alyssa, our intern!. Learn more about what she’s up to this month.


This month, you’ll find me at the lake on hot days. I recently went to Lake Chautauqua and stayed at my friend’s cottage, where we went tubing and jet skiing. Some other places I like to go to that are closer to Buffalo are Sunset Bay Beach Club (Irving, NY) and Crystal beach (Ontario, Canada). Both beaches have volleyball courts and safe water to swim in, which makes them even more enjoyable on hot days.


I recently discovered an ice cream place that quickly became one of my favorites! It’s called Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream, which is located on Hertel Ave in Buffalo as well as Canal St. in Lockport. My favorite flavor is Paula’s glazed donut – a rich vanilla ice cream filled with glazed donut pieces. If you are a donut lover, this flavor is for you. But who could forget their famous Artisan sundaes? I tried the “El Guapo” Sundae (Guapo means handsome in Spanish, maybe become this creation is good looking) – Silver Cloud vanilla ice cream covered with cinnamon crumbles, cinnamon chocolate sauce & honey, topped with whipped cream and a cinnamon crisp from the local bakery. Yum!


If you are a Stranger Things fan, you probably know that Season 3 was released on Netflix at the beginning of this month. After catching up with Season 2, I decided to binge watch all of Season 3 during the days when the weather was not so hot. This show is both suspenseful and frightening, leaving you wondering what is going to happen next. Also, it is one of the most watched shows on Netflix. Jon Bellion even wrote a song that references the show, which brings me to the next to listen…


Jon Bellion released a new song called Crop Circles shortly after the release of his feature in Good Things Fall Apart by Illenium (which instantly became a top hit).  In Crop Circles, he talks about the struggles of his marriage and feeling like he’s in the “Upside Down,” which is the other dimension in Stranger Things. 

I started listening to Jon Bellion when he released one of his older albums called the Human Condition, which encompasses the issues in life that make us human. His song “All Time Low” instantly became a hit around the world, with over 300 million listens on Spotify. His most recent album, Glory Sound Prep, also became a hit. Songs like “Conversations with my Wife” and “Stupid Deep” have unique sounds and lyrics that show how Bellion incorporates his deep thoughts and opinions into his music. If you haven’t listened to him before, I highly recommend it!