Brand Love or Bust Out Your Goals

To celebrate the New Year (and new decade) we wrote down some of our goals for 2020. Read below as we share what we plan to work on in this new year.

Erik, Owner/President

“Becoming a more patient and understanding father and husband. More pucks in the net in my over 30 hockey league.”

Meredith, Special Projects Coordinator

“In 2020 I want to try to make sure the people I encounter through my life know they are loved. I also want to be kinder to myself.”

Mandy, Operations Manager

“To workout more and live a healthier lifestyle in 2020.”

Kaylyn, Brand Manager

“Focus on positivity. When someone asks how I am, not immediately go to the negative. Also, use my phone less. Take more walks. Leave my desk for lunch.”

Bailey, Marketing Coordinator

“I want to spend more time reading books in 2020. I love to read. And in 2019, I spent more time scrolling social media than reading books.”

What are some of your goals for the New Year? Share in the comments below!