Just Some Fun Things to Click On

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  5. Why we struggle to make time for solitude.
  6. 15 animals who created social distancing.
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  8. We want to go to Rago National Park.
  9. Create Silk Interactive Generative Art.
  10. Google Gravity.
  11. Learn a new language for free.
  12. How to get a good nights sleep.
  13. Learn how to code.
  14. The sound of rain can be soothing. Listen for free.
  15. Every time you get a question right, the World Food Program will donate rice to someone in need.
  16. “Quarantined Italians Send a Message to Themselves 10 Days Ago: What They Wish They Knew Then
  17. How to be a part of the slow fashion movement.
  18. Harry Styles’ Tiny Desk Concert.
  19. A fresh and interesting spin on “staying in” culture—I recommend reading it through!
  20. 18 Pantry Meals to try this week!