Some Positive News

Just a little positive news while your social distance….

  1. A math teacher in Madison, South Dakota showed up to their student’s front porch to giver her a one-on-one lesson.
  2. If you love Tiger King on Netflix, you’ll love this bloggers take on Joe Exotic.
  3. big studio movies that hit streaming early
  4. The SPCA has seen a 41% increase in adoptions.
  5. An early look in our weather in April. (Hint: it may be a snow-less April!)
  6. A Texas couple donated their wedding flowers from their canceled wedding to an assisted living home.
  7. Check out these real life Golden Girls.
  8. Disneyland is donating its excess food to a food bank.
  9. Watch a dog deliver groceries to its quarantined neighbor.
  10. A surprise parade for a little girls fourth birthday.