The Joy List: What’s bringing us joy right now

When’s the last time you sat down and wrote a list of things that bring you joy? We want to challenge YOU to make your joy list of 10 things that make you happy even if they don’t make sense to other people. See our joy lists below!


Doing the most thorough spring clean up of my yard I’ve ever done.

Cleaning out the basement so the kids have a new space to play.

Watching The Big Lebowski on DVD in our newly cleaned yet still unfinished basement.

Starting weekday mornings off with Zoom chats with the team at work, taking these outside when possible.

Walking the neighborhood at the end of the workday, catching up on phone calls.

Bonfires in our chiminea on the patio with Meredith and the kids.

Being around Meredith and the kids all the time.

Sneaking out to the land and hiking with the family.

Talking to other business owners and hearing how they’re stepping up and leading.

Hearing stories of creativity and resilience from our clients.



Crossing things off of my to do list.

Facetime calls with my 2 childhood best friends.

When my puppy comes over and rests his head on my lap while I am working.

Reading a good book.

Being able to work on the computer outside.

Seeing photos of my nephews enjoying their days off.

Receiving and sending funny Tik Toks to my sister.

Working at the table next to my fiancé.

Daily calls with my parents.

Long walks with our puppy Dallas.


Taking a long walk outside.

Driving with my car windows down.

A standing Thursday virtual happy hour with my friends.

Talking on the phone.

Reading “Everybody Always” by Bob Goff.

Making a daily to-do list for work and life in general. 

Buying things I don’t need like a skip-it.

Watching the best wedding toasts on Youtube. Highly recommend this one

Daydreaming about long summer days.

Attempting and then failing to learn TikTok dances. (Also sending and receiving funny TikToks)

Slow mornings. 

Coffee. And then some more coffee.

Curling my hair for no reason and with nowhere to go.

Coloring (Hello I am five)

Facetime workouts with my friends where we end up talking about life for an hour.

Re-discovering my love of Grace Potter and playing her albums on repeat.