Pivot Your Marketing: The Hero’s Journey with Erik

Erik was recently invited to participate in “Pivot Your Marketing” a webinar hosted by Paul Greiner of Vidwheel. The part workshop mini marathon, part panel, invited viewers to rethink, redesign, and relaunch their marketing during a time of crisis.

The best part? Each of the 5 presentations needed to be under 10 minutes. As you watch Erik, you’ll notice his swift pace as he had to cram a lot of info into a short amount of time.

During his presentation, he focused on the hero’s journey and how to create a brand that makes your customer the hero. Listen as he takes you through the hero’s journey.

Interested in hearing the whole webinar? Listen here.

The presentations include:

Product & UX Strategy: Adjusting to Meet the Needs of the New World, by Jonathan Gorczyca of Helm Experience & Design

Be Their Guide: How Effective Brands Make Their Customer the Hero, by Erik Eustice of Of the Sea, LLC

PR & Communications: Manage Your Messaging, by Katie Krawczyk of 19 IDEAS

Designing Your Workflows to Ensure Customer Success, by Matthew Zelasko of Renoun Creative

Increase Attention & Sales: Building Your Online Presence to Work for You, by Michael Davern of incept