Listening. Watching. Reading: What the teams been up to this Summer.

We’re catching up with the team to talk all things music, books, TV shows and more. Let’s see what the teams been up to this summer!

What’s on your summer playlist/who have you been listening to on repeat?

Erik: Been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan. There’s something very relevant about his music right now. Also, he’s just a free thinker and actor and I admire that in him. There’s a couple documentaries on Netflix right now about him you should check out. Also, Dr. Dog, for similar reasons. No documentaries to speak of though.

Bailey: I’ve been listening to a lot of Mumford & Sons and Maddie and Tae.

Kaylyn: Well Taylor Swift dropped an album out of nowhere, so I’ve been pretty much listening to that non-stop since it was released. She really saved 2020. Other than that, a lot of Maggie Rogers, Leon Bridges, and Johnnyswim.

Reading any good books this summer?

E: The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle.

B:I just finished Nothing More by Anna Todd, I am going to start reading A Love Letter Life next.

K: Just finished It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too) by Nora McInerny. She talks about losing a pregnancy, her father and her husband all in a matter of 2 months. It’s raw, funny, sad, and honest. Highly recommend.

What’s the last show you binged watched?

E: Space Force featuring Steven Carell, Lisa Kudrow, and John Malkovic. It’s brilliantly written and acted.

B: I am currently binge watching Gilmore Girls.

K: Succession on HBO. I watched it in an embarrassing amount of time. It’s a satorial play on a wealthy American family. It’s dark, twisted, funny and well written.

Try anything new during quarantine?

E: I tried my hand at making over-easy eggs. Not as tricky as I thought it’d be. Also, learned how to use Quickbooks.

B: I have been trying a lot of new recipes. This one was great:

K: Lots of baking! Blueberry Scones, French Baguettes, Homemade Strawberry Shortcake. Very therapeutic.

What was the most exciting/best thing to happen during quarantine?

E: Extreme amounts of family time. Close second, the Fueling the Frontlines w/Coffee campaign that our team spearheaded with Rory Allen and

B: I get to spend more time with my Fiancé and Puppy.

K: Hands down, getting engaged to my (now) fiancé on the top of Mt. Marcy in the Adirondacks!

What was the worst thing about quarantine?

E: The divisiveness in our nation that has escalated due to issues surrounding COVID.

B: Not being able to see my Mom (she lives in Canada), and not being able to see my friends as often.

K: Not being able to see family. Every summer my sister visits from Southern California with my niece and nephew. We don’t know the next time we will see them. And just the general uncertainty of our country.

What’s the first thing you’ll want to do when this is all over?

E: Over-30 ice hockey league just a few steps from the banks of the majestic Erie Canal.

B: Have a BBQ with all of our friends! And go to the movies.

K: Go to a concert! Wine tasting in Niagara on the Lake! Spend time with EVERYONE!