When you don’t know where to start, start here

Uncover what’s already true and beautiful about your brand.

Here’s why you struggle to develop your brand

Brand: The intersection of ideas, feelings and experiences conjured in the public mind when they encounter you or think about you.

We meet a lot of talented people who are running remarkable businesses. Except when it comes to their brand. We’ve found there are 4 main reasons why otherwise talented people struggle with their brand and telling their story.

Time Poverty

You’re just “too busy.” Good leaders know this is a poor excuse. Yet we all use it, present company included, and suffer the consequences when reality doesn’t align with our dreams. While you work on the urgent matters of your business, your brand (which you could argue should always be urgent) waits silently in mediocrity.

Fear of the unknown

How do you know you’re doing it right and that it doesn’t totally suck? Well, it probably doesn’t totally suck. But lacking confidence will definitely stop you from starting. It’s okay to not know how to build your brand. If your customers knew how to do what you do you wouldn’t have a business. Lack of experience shouldn’t be the reason your brand stands still.

Tight Funds

Branding sounds fancy. And fancy things are usually expensive, right? Sometimes. Unless there’s an option that’s built to deliver the fancy outcomes without the fortune you’ve heard others have spent.

Faulty thinking

There are some folks, still talented and successful, that just don’t see the value in building an honest brand that demands attention and creates conversation. The math never adds up for them, no matter what it costs or how efficiently it’s delivered. Then there are the leaders who think their marketing coordinator should be able to develop their brand. But that’s not what coordinators do. This is a specialty and there’s a reason why the best brands seek out specialists.

So what’s a brand workshop?

Vision + Values + Worldview + Position + Personality + Experience


It’s a crash-course in what’s already true and beautiful about your brand. You’ll leg-wrestle with the fundamentals of your brand but it will feel like a festivus. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. We’ll point at you and laugh some more. It’s good, clean fun. And you’ll have a framework for your brand and the answers you need to live it and have your customers love you for it.


A combination of private, off-site workshop, discovery exercises, check-ins and a final brand framework presentation. It’s condensed and intense and participatory. And a bunch of other things that we’ll save for later.


Well, you. More specifically, honest brands that realize it’s time to take their brand seriously. Leaders who don’t know where to start but know they need to start somewhere. Marketers who are skilled, but not in brand development.

How Much:

$5,000-$7,500 depending on customization for your brand.

How Long:

Start to finish, 6 weeks. Overall time commitment is a minimum of 15 hours between workshop, check-ins and your homework. So, a couple-ish hours a week on average.


Does it actually work?

These people believe it did…

“Love me tender is the kind of feeling people get when they work with of the sea.”


“I have worked with Of The Sea for about 7 years. They helped me find my “center” and assisted me with branding my school, developing advertising strategies and more. Our long relationship should speak for itself but of course I would highly recommend them to help you take your business to the next level.”


“Grace House began our collaboration with Erik Eustice and Of the Sea shortly after we opened for operations in late 2017. Of the Sea created a brand image that we believe visually articulates our mission. Our journey with Erik and Of the Sea helped infuse a level of energy that inspires our team to be the best that we are capable of being.”


“The messaging has nearly doubled our quarterly phone and web inquiries.”


Let’s build an honest brand that people will love

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