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Fueling the Frontlines with Coffee Campaign

We launched the Fueling the Frontlines with Coffee Campaign to help support our local coffee shops whose businesses were affected by the COVID-19 Crisis.  The campaign ran from April-July 2020. 

By purchasing a print of Coffee Cups of Buffalo, people in our community supported frontline workers and first responders and their favorite local coffee shops.

How did it work? Local coffee shops provided coffee to frontline workers and first responders such as Police Officers, Firefighters, Grocery Stores and more from the proceeds of the Coffee Cups of Buffalo Poster. 

We recognized that every day our healthcare workers and first responders were leaving the safety of their homes and putting themselves in harm’s way in order to save lives. We wanted to recognize the sacrifice they’re making, and this is one small way we could support them while they battle on the front lines.

We raised more than $34,000 for the partnering 14 coffee shops and provided more than 13,000 cups of coffee to frontline workers and first responders. 

Partner: Rory Allen of ZOOMBuffalo
Designer: Sarah Hofheins
Size: 11″x17″

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Feedback from the Coffee Shops

“I think we forget sometimes that grocery store employees have been working on the frontlines too! They too are exhausted. Having two local grocery stores neighboring us on Hertel Avenue offers a lot to the North Buffalo community. Fueling the Frontlines has given us the ability to keep employees at both Lexington Coop and Dash’s caffeinated. The only thing better than their appreciation for the coffee, is when we are still in the building to hear, “Attention employees, the coffee is now gone!” We are so grateful we get to give back to them. And we are so grateful for everyone who donated and made Fueling the Frontlines Buffalo possible!”

– Maggie Silvestri, Roots Coffee & Tea

“I quit my full time job as a Recovery Coach to pursue my passion for coffee full time. Then, the global pandemic struck. But thanks to the generosity and support of the Fueling the Frontlines with Coffee campaign, it has helped relieve some of the stress of running a consumer based company. The best part of this is sharing Bean Bastards coffee with our frontline heroes!”

-Nick Mirusso, Bean Bastard Coffee

“We are so thankful to Zoomcopy and Of the Sea for organizing such a thoughtful campaign to honor the Frontline workers of our community. To see our fellow coffee shops come together to brew gallons upon gallons of coffee just to offer a small pickmeup and provide a smile to Frontline workers has been very special. Perks alone has been able to donate over 1,000 cups of coffee (and counting!) to over a dozen local organizations and hospitals. Thank you to everyone who has donated and allowed us to share our coffee. Seriously, thank YOU!”

-Julie Leone, PERKS Buffalo

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