A new logo and visual identity was developed. Printed one-sheets for neighborhood canvassing, direct mail postcards, lawn signs, a roof plaque and other materials were developed to support.


William C. Rott & Son is well known for their radio ads. We wanted to expand that reach even further so we came up with some fun ideas. In the first video, we had them read mean tweets about their advertising. In another series we recreated the radio ads into animated videos that accumulated thousands of views on Facebook. We’ve also created some educational videos that we use for their website and garnering organic traffic via YouTube.


William C. Rott & Sons has been around for over a 100 years. Their music and their ads speak to the care and integrity in their work. Steve Rott is the general manager and delivers a great performance time and time again. Their music has been recognized as some of the most sticky in the WNY area.


Roofers aren’t typically known for their robust web presence. As the leader in quality in their field, we knew a strong website, with lots of information, was necessary to fulfill on the promise our advertising is making. This current website is the second website we’ve developed together. It continues to evolve as search engines evolve and the role of content marketing broadens.