Here, Hold This

Wise words from some of the coolest people we know.

Ep. 4 – The Dancing Queen

With Meredith Eustice

A swim captain, dancing queen, and the world’s greatest card shuffler walk into a room. Erik is also there, interviewing her. Meet Meredith Eustice, the inspiration behind all of Erik’s best ideas. They’re married (his first good idea).

The pair talk about parenting and the—uh—power of laughter, how to succeed by just stumbling forward, and the secret behind Of the Sea’s name.

Ep. 3 – The Great Greek Tiger

With Sean Lewis

Erik interviews the man who would walk on the moon just to say he could (if we still did that sort of thing). He’s got a sticker. A toolbox. And a tiger. And he knows how to use them.

Hear about why comfort zones might be good sometimes, the difference between the Neils (Armstrong and Diamond), and why Sean feels inspired by a yogurt story, even if he can’t remember the name.

Ep. 2 – Super Juicy

With Kellena Kane

It’s how you want your steak and your conversation. Erik hosts the woman who’s wearing lots of hats and living her fully authentic, aligned life.

See what makes people do magical things. Why “failure” doesn’t really exist. How a cactus can be used for a smidge of mild vengeance. And what happens when you listen to your heart instead of your brain.

Ep. 1 – The Man with the Golden Shoes

With Joel Ryan Brandon

Erik hosts the man with more first and last names than the king of Spain.

Discover the secret spelling of Joel’s name, what to do if you get Thanos’ “snap” ability, the downside of strong coffee, and what true purpose can do for a talented individual like Joel.

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