They said you can’t combine business and pleasure…

Underneath the Tree

Erik embraces the holiday spirit with a collection of highly-anticipated classics at the office. Sing along to your favorite festive tunes and get cozy as Erik shares some traumatic Christmas pasts. Enjoyed best beside the fire with close family and friends.

The Search for Leprechaun Gold

Stocks and bonds are bogus compared to Erik’s fail-safe investment strategy. Learn the three secret ingredients to a lifetime of guaranteed wealth. And if you’re lucky, Erik might even share a glimpse of the fruits of his labors. Who’s laughing now, Mom?

Being True

We told Erik he needed a trim, and brought a camera to the salon. Watch his transformation and follow along as he casually converses with the stylists. That’s it. No witty jokes, no quirky Erik-isms. And certainly no talk of how to better your brand. We promise.

Sea Turtles and Advertising

Armed with recently-learned facts about marine life and metaphors, Erik embarks on a sandy adventure. We suspect to avoid some office obligations. Journey with him and you may discover you have more in common with egg-laying reptiles than you originally thought.

Meet Erik

Now introducing the man at the helm. Yielding his staple cardigan style, Erik shares his vision for Of the Sea and a little of what he does outside the office.

Meet Bailey

Have you seen what it takes to keep a ship running smoothly? Bailey has. She helps maintain the course and keeps the crew in check. No unfavorable winds (or carol-singing captains) stand in her way!

Ads that work make some people complain. We call that proof.

Tank Top Tuesdays

Erik introduces a revolutionary idea that shakes the team to their very core. Watch drama unfold as everybody grapples with uncharted office dynamics. Where some struggle to keep up with the ever-changing idea of what is “cool,” others thrive in this new environment. Tuesday Friday has forever changed.

Steve Rott & Jimmy Stewart

We like to put our money where our mouth is. You’ve heard a lot from the team, so we’ve brought in some special guests to share their experience aboard. Today, we welcome Steve Rott, Jimmy Stewart, James Cagney, and Elvis Presley.

Extra Gum Commercial

Here at Of the Sea, medical degrees are not required, but they are encouraged. Using the office’s kitchen, we unpack how a gum ad received so much traction. This is your brain on the Extra Gum Commercial.

Why do Jeeps wave?

We’re not in the business of making people like you. Truth is, not everybody will. But like an ol’ pickup truck or shiny new Jeep, certain values speak to certain people. It’s not so simple, but through employing some Dr. Seuss-like tactics, we’ll try and explain.

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