Our Work

Just a splish of things we’ve done.

Visualeyes TV Commercials

We feature real Visualeyes customers making a spectacle where they live and work. They’re all part of a community whose eyewear is as unique and inspired as they are.

Emerald “Name the Duck” Campaign

This radio campaign we made for Emerald seemed simple: give their handsome hero duck mascot a name. Nine months and eight ads later, Emerald’s service techs on the job were being asked if they knew the duck’s name and people all over Buffalo were writing emails and calling in to suggest names for the duck. Listen to the whole campaign here.

CareTeam Website

CareTeam helps nurses find travel assignments without all the fuss. We built a website for them shows how simple that can be.

Emerald Onboarding Video

If you’re going to be on the Emerald Heating and Cooling team, you need to be a different kind of duck. You need to be calm and cool under pressure, but have some serious hustle behind the scenes. We made this video to help Emerald teach their new hires how to be “like a duck on the water.”

Parachute Website

Parachute is a non-profit credit counseling service that helps people gently float down to freedom from their soul-crushing debt. We built them a website that showed how it feels to work with them: weightless and easy.

Vallone Videos

We lost our friend Jim Vallone very suddenly in early 2023. He and the Vallone Law Firm helped a lot of people who had a DWI and didn’t know where to turn. He also made some fantastic videos. We’re proud to be able to share them with you.

Visualeyes Website

A huge portion of the eyewear Visualeyes carries can’t be found anywhere else for miles and miles. Since they carry rare stock for even rarer individuals, we built them a website that showcases the kaleidoscope of cool frames and shades they have on offer.

Master Gorino Video

For years, Master Gorino’s Tae Kwon-Do has worked with Of the Sea to better tell their story. It begins with a man passionate about martial arts, self-defense, and personal fulfillment. The pages are still being written today. Watch it unfold.

Calvin Weaver Website

Calvin was a friend of ours who moved back to his home turf in the Finger Lakes to practice real estate law. He’s a laid-back dude who enjoys lake life as much or more than his clients, so we enjoyed building him a website that felt true to him.

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