Who We Are and What We Believe

Meet Your Stellar Crew

Your beliefs and behaviors as an organization are expressions of your values. Our goal is to connect you with your brand of people. When you have shared values you see the world in a similar glow. Telling people what you do is a great way to categorize your work. Showing people what you believe leverages your values which creates bonds with your brand of people.

Erik Eustice, Owner/President

I was born on Halloween. And I’m allergic to nuts. (But not cashews.) I enjoy swinging on the hammock with my third grader, Adeline, and my fifth grader, William. I named Of the Sea after my wife, Meredith. I admire her faith, her devotion to family and her compassion for the ignored.

Together we actively support Let them Laugh out Loud, a non-profit changing lives in the poorest country on the planet, Sierra Leone. You can find us walking our Double Doodle, Wrigley, on the mean streets of Clarence, New York, while we yell ahead at our children to ride their bicycles on the correct side of the road.

I enjoy whiskey and am a certified Level 3 Whiskey Sommelier. I also build brands that demand attention and create conversation. I’m a writer who believes love is the answer to every question. You can encounter my musings on life at TheSeaLog.com.

Meredith Eustice, Projects Coordinator

Yes, my name does mean Of the Sea. I had our daughter convinced until she was 6 years old that I was a real mermaid. She was pretty upset when she found out the truth, so we still pretend we both are.

I’ve been supporting Of the Sea since it was just a dream. I’m a pretty good listening ear, and give my opinion when it’s needed. Now that I’m officially in the office once a week as the Projects Coordinator, I’m loving being able to support in a greater way.

The rest of the week, you can find me at the gym before you hit snooze for the first time, laughing at my kids’ quirks and jokes, making people’s hair beautiful, or volunteering for Let them LOL.

Bailey Godwin, Marketing Coordinator

I keep the back office in order and basically do whatever it takes. But admin is not all I do. I manage custom projects and the office. I am a graduate of Niagara University with a degree in Marketing.

My passions include traveling, hiking, house plants, and animals. In my spare time, I volunteer at White Whiskers Senior Dog Sanctuary.

To be honest I’d rather be working on a spreadsheet than writing my bio.

This is what we value

Our vision and vitality come from having love for each other and for helping others. We believe the truest expression of any thing is possible only when done in love. This requires generously focused investment of our time, talent and treasure. We love when everyone wins.

Our ability to realize exceptional impact and results hinges on being complete and authentic in both design and expression. Without completeness, we are unable to bear the weight of our vision. Without authenticity, we are merely fooling ourselves and others. Without integrity, nothing works.

Our greatest breakthroughs come from a commitment to something bigger than ourselves. We are committed to the future we are creating. We are committed to each other. This requires trust, breeds courage, enables integrity and is a by-product of love.

Leaders don’t wait around for someone to give them permission. Likewise, initiative isn’t given. This is how you conform the world to your imagination. We don’t wait to be told, we anticipate. We push ourselves and in doing so pull our team along with us.

Everyone Deserves Clean Drinking Water

Let Them LOL
Let Them LOL
Let Them LOL

At Of the Sea, we are not only devoted to giving our time to our stellar clients, but we are devoted to investing in the greater good. Which is why we believe that everyone deserves clean drinking water.

We help tackle this issue by partnering with the local organization, Let them LOL. The organization aims to provide clean drinking water to communities without. We believe in their commitment to empowering communities through sustainable development.

Learn more about our involvement with LOL here.