Seas the Day: What to do this Month

Each month, one of our team members shares a list that comes directly from their own calendar and experiences. We might share a recipe we’ve come across, a band to “Listen” to, or an article or book to “Read.” Each list reflects our own tastes, but we’ll do our best to represent a variety of options and events each month so you can ideally find something that might suit your own interests.

This month features Bailey. Learn more about what she’s up to this month.


Now that the weather is finally (hopefully) turning, you’ll find me at the Elmwood Village Farmers Market every Saturday from 8:00 am-1:00 pm. I like to pick up my weekly vegetables and some fresh bread. There is also always live entertainment and local vendors. If you’re into shopping local, I will see you there!


Ice cream season is here! I am headed to Churn on Hertel Avenue. You’ll find me eating a Churned Up (my favorite is vanilla ice cream with mini marshmallows). If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should!


A couple months ago I came down with the Flu and was stuck on the couch for a few days. While browsing shows I discovered Dexter and I’ve been hooked ever since (I am finishing the final episodes this week). If you like mystery, plot twists, and drama, this show is for you. The show follows the main character, Dexter Morgan, a Miami forensics expert. His days are spent solving crimes and his nights are spent committing them. Stream the show here.


One of my favorite artists Avicii tragically passed away a little over a year ago. In his honor, his parents have chosen to release a final album named “TIM” (his birth name) in June. The album is comprised of the songs he was working on at the time of his death. Take a listen to the first single here.