The Best Ads During COVID-19

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to dominate the news around the globe, brands have had to think of creative ways to encourage the public to wash their hands, use their products, stay home and offer a helping hand to society’s most vulnerable. The pandemic has been a strange time for advertising. Coronavirus has brought caution and fear to the world and brands have had to pivot their messaging to stay relevant and top of mind for consumers.

Here are some of the best ads we’ve seen during the pandemic:

Guinness “St. Patrick’s Day.”

This ad aired in the beginning of the pandemic and frenzy that mid-March brought. With all of the unknowns we were facing at the time, Guinness offered the following comforting sentiment: “A while back, we signed a 9,000-year lease on our brewery.” The ad acknowledges the changes Coronavirus was bringing, while also pointing to a spirit of resilience.

Apple “Creativity Goes On.”

Apple’s COVID-19 commercial is comforting. The ad shows different people and families during the coronavirus lockdown. You’ll see some social distancing, John Krasinski preparing for his “Some Good News” show and even Oprah. Beneath it all is a positive message: You can still be creative.

Uber “Thank You For Not Riding.”

Uber provides a heartfelt message that reflects well on the brand. Instead of encouraging people to ride Uber during the pandemic, they reinforce the message “stay home”. It gives you a “we’re all in this together” feel and shows the brand cares about your health and safety despite losing business because of the pandemic.

Burger King: “Stay Home of The Whopper”

Burger’s King’s ad features home-bound, pajama wearing individuals staring at their TV screens. The narrator announces “The country needs you to stay on your couch, and Burger King is here to help.” They’ve waiving delivery fees and donating to the American Nurses Foundation. Essentially, you’re helping flatten the curve and support essential workers by ordering a Whopper and fries. It’s witty, unique, and playful.